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Welcome to! My name is Phat, and I'm passionate about software engineering and app development. The name combines my first name, Phat, with my initials, T & V.

My journey began in 2008 when I was a school kid. I got my hands dirty with some coding adventures in Pascal, Java, and .NET. I cooked up a few nifty projects like a class forum, some basic games, and even an accounting software. This is also when I first ventured into the boundless world of the internet.

In 2011, I headed to Ho Chi Minh City and enrolled in university, immersing myself in the world of computer science & software engineering. I have chosen web development as the career path.

In 2014, I started my professional career and focused the next 5 years in front-end engineering, from some small companies to Silicon Straits Saigon & Carousell VN. Along the way, I've learned 2 important lessons. First, technical skills are crucial, but dealing with cross-functional with technical, and non-technical stakeholders can be an even greater challenge. Second, I realized that many problems and solutions reside on the backend; being a frontend engineer alone is insufficient.

In 2018, I relocated to Singapore to work at Carousell HQ (e-commerce), Thunes (fintech) & Gomu (web3), where I spent the next 5 years on back-end engineering. Over this period, I encountered a different set of challenges and solutions, which were less user-facing. It gave me a whole new perspective on problem-solving – one that's systematic, strategic, and all about the long game.

In 2023, after a decade of experience in web development, I've teamed up to co-found a proptech startup, targeting the Singapore property market: My mission is to dedicate the next chapter as a technical co-founder, striving to solve problems and deliver solutions that bridge the gap between technology & business to make the customers happy & successful.

About this blog

I strive to make this blog a casual and spontaneous platform for sharing my thoughts and experiences. While I primarily write for myself, I'm thrilled if you find value in my posts. If you do, please let me know—I'd greatly appreciate your feedback!

books, projects, business, coding & tutorials, leadership & management & life are some of the topics I love to write about.

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